Monday, January 8, 2018

What I have learned about Vision and Inspiration Boards

I have known about creating vision boards for a long time, and I have read through the years that most if not all successful people really use these tools to envision their future and to achieve the success they have dreamed of.
I must say that I seriously started creating vision and inspiration boards around 2014 myself, shortly after starting my Origami Owl business. Even then I did not understand and realize what creating one really entails. I remember attending a vision board seminar sometime around 2013 and really loved the process of cutting images and random words and sticking them on a "board' but then what.?  I have used Jack Canfield's vision board kit in the past and I love that you can save them for reference as volumes (almost like a book) as the years progress but you can also start with a sheet of paper, a story or presentation board made of foam core or a cork board or frame. 
Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them! - Jack Canfield
Aside from gathering the materials to build one physically or digitally (I prefer creating a tangible one but I also use The Subconscious Vision Board App for affirmations on my I phone ) In my experience, I have learned that there are three key elements that must be considered before even starting the process of putting a vision board together.

After you have cut out pictures and phrases and gathered inspirational quotes and stickers or have purchased your vision board kit find a quiet and open space where you can really spread out. It could be your bed, the floor, your desk or a dinning table and consider these things: 
  1. Create the right mood - It is proven scientifically that scent fragrance and music have a huge effect on mood and can influence your mindset.  Therefore I recommend really paying attention to your surroundings when you are getting ready to create your vision board and also setting the right mood and being in a good state of mind.  You want to be in the best possible mood, and high vibe energy. So I recommend lighting up a candle or diffusing your favorite essential oils Moodology and turning up some high vibe music -anything that gets you in a good mood, that is soothing and upbeat (no sad songs).  I recommend creating your own playlist on Spotify or ITunes or searching for playlists on Spotify for example.  I have one that is called The Highest of Vibes and there is another one called Happy Beats on Spotify.  Did you know that if you have Sirius in your car, you can stream your service on your phone for an additional fee? Yes! and there is a channel called Chill that I really enjoy and recommend so check it out. 
  2. Believe that you are worthy - The next thing to consider is very important - I cannot stress this enough.  You must believe that you are worthy of your desires.  You must understand that your desires are given to you for a reason- that they are a GIFT not a curse.  Your inner being knows which path to take, and it's constantly guiding you and nudging you to your greater good, therefore if you have  a dream or a desire, don't be in conflict with it.  Accept it, acknowledge it and embrace it as a gift.  When you are given a gift you  take it and you should be thankful for it, you don't tell the person why you should not be receiving it or you should not feel guilty for accepting it.  A gift is a gift period.  It was not given to you to mock you, torture you or make you feel unworthy. If this goal, dream or desire is in you - YOU ARE WORTHY.  I find that a lot of us are afraid to even admit what we really want, or we get so caught up in the chaos of life that our vision and intuition is often cluttered or blurred. That is why it is so important to sit down and really listen to our heart's desires, and allow ourselves to admit we have dreams, an a vision of ourselves and our future. Follow this process as a tool to help you get clear.  If we are not crystal clear on what we want and we do not feel worthy of it or deserving, no matter how many boards you make or how many affirmations you say or even if you stand on your head until you are blue in the face, these things will not come to you because you are not allowing the free flow of these blessings to materialize. 
  3. Begin with a grateful heart - Now that we got you in the right mood to receive and feeling worthy this third thing to consider is equally important. You must be grateful for what you already have, and where you are at this moment in time in your life journey.  Because that is precisely what it is a JOURNEY. One of my favorite quotes by Asha Tyson rings true "Your Journey has molded you for the greater good. It is exactly what it needed to be.  Don't think you've lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now.  And now is right on time".  You are exactly where you need to be at the moment to teach you and to  prompt you to want more and to stretch you to expand in all areas of your life. Life keeps moving forward, you are in it, and you have the ability to live by default or to be intentional with your life. Being grateful again, is a gateway to allowing your path to unfold.  The path is lit up at all times for you, we tend to loose sight sometimes, but taking the time to reflect and acknowledge and be grateful brings us back to our life purpose.  This is Key.
 "You can't create miracles.  They are a gift from the Divine. What you can do is put yourself in the Miracle Zone... that place where miracles are happening every day." —Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman
A vision board can be a vision of your future, your future self (health and fitness), career, financial goals or it can be a vision of where you want to live, what car you want to drive and where you want to travel. It can also be a vision of your spirituality, faith and overall mindset goals if you feel you need to improve on them. One thing that I have learned is that it is ok to want more and to desire material things, but that is another whole blog in itself. We are normally programmed to think material possessions and wealth are decadent, selfish and the root of all evil, but that could be not further from the truth.  I have come to discover that as we prosper internally, we prosper outwardly as well and if our heart is in the right place we can be of better service to the world when we prosper.  We can give more, we can create more and we can be more and hopefully, inspire and motivate others to do the same.  Be the light in this world!  How can we possibly be the light if we are worried or fearful or we are living in scarcity in all levels of our life?  Changing my money mindset has also been of great help to me in coming to terms with my deepest desires and dreams. I would highly recommend diving into changing your mindset surrounding money and wealth if you are struggling with this or if you have been thought this all your life by people who meant well but probably did not know better. There are endless exercises and tools out there that can help us- you can do a simple google search and you will find so much help and insight out there. I will write another blog about that at another time. 

As a bonus I wanted to briefly talk about creating an I AM board - This is an excerpt from my favorite Life Coach's website 505 Living explaining what it is, the significance of an I AM board and instructions on how to create one. This can help you with allowing yourself to feel worthy and begin to realize that you have been perfectly and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14)
  "The purpose of creating an ‘I AM’ board is to reconnect yourself with your essence, your character traits that you have (now), who you want to be, and how you see yourself if no one had ever judged you for anything." ~ Haleh Giani
How To Create Your "I AM" Board

Two other types of boards I use are a dynamic inspiration board where I pin  ( not permanently glue) things that are inspiring me right now, or items that make me feel good like trinkets, concert tickets, paint swatches etc . This board is interactive and it changes through out the months. The other one is an inspiration board where I glue things that make me happy - things that don't require planning or effort, just things that inspire me and motivate me and put me in a good mood as soon as I see them.
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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Getting ready to start this 30 day Intensive to Enrich Your Life and Upgrade your Mindset. This will be one of my tasks to start the New Year on the right foot and I am so excited!  Haleh Gianni is that coach I came across while searching for direction I mentioned a couple of blogs ago. Check out her website here: 505 Living.  Haleh has a very unique approach to life coaching in the sense that she helps you discover your true self and guides you through self discovery in a very approachable and easy way.  Showing you that what makes YOU unique is beautiful and perfect the way it is. After taking the ULT Technology assessment, she goes over the results with you and basically hands you a manual for your life, detailing what makes you unique, what drives you and what drains you and guides you to a deeper understanding of self.  In my opinion EVERYONE should take this test. It certainly made a huge difference in my life.

I am excited about taking this 30 day mindset shift exercise (I bought the book on her website) I can't wait to report my progress!

There is a list of items needed to prepare for this 30-day Intensive:

  • Lavender and chamomile body wash
  • A note book
  • A scented candle
  • Pure lavender essential oil
  • A well stocked fridge with healthy foods  One Green Planet
Can't wait to get started January 1st!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

One of my favorite traditions for the New Year is going back through the pages of my planner and reflecting on the life events I managed to capture.  Many times I feel so surprised and blessed to look back at all the milestones and accomplishments I experienced during the year.  Being a business owner it is so helpful to look at my calendar of events and track where I was, what I did, what I paid, what I gave away etc. This year I bought myself this Kate Spade Calendar for home. I usually buy the one at the Origami Owl convention which I decorate and carry with me at Jewelry Bars, but this one is an oversized calendar perfect for my home office.  One of the things I really focused on last year was changing and working on my mindset. So I added many words of inspiration I ran across and affirmations to help me along the way. It is so incredible the amount of growth and insight I have come across just by asking and being more receptive.  I am so excited for the New Year and looking forward to many more milestones, achievements and breakthroughs in personal development.  I will be more diligent in recording even the most minute of events, dates and figures and look forward to doing my year in review next year!

You can buy yours here:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

grabbed image form google
Throughout my recent life journey (I want to say the last three four years), I have come to learn so many valuable lessons. I’ve always had this deep desire to achieve, to accomplish to reach a certain level of success and happiness in life and I struggled so much with depression and anxiety because things didn’t seem to go my way or the way I had hoped or planned. I was bogged down with negative thoughts and feelings for many years, yet deep down inside I knew there was a better way. I could not understand why I could not be happy. I have everything I ever need and more, yet I felt a void. So I started asking God to help transform my thoughts. To find joy in everyday life, and so this is how this blog came to be.  I started searching for answers, soul searching and looking for a life coach (which I found- I’ll tell you more about her).  I started enrolling in personal development seminars and started reading self-help books.  One thing lead to another in the perfection of my path and little by little I have learned that it all happens for a reason for the greater good.  It takes time and willingness to learn and be open to receive.

I will be blogging more about this as I gather my thoughts and kind of chronicle the steps and the doors that have opened and closed.  But for now I can tell you that I am focusing on letting go and letting God more than ever.  I have laid a lot of ground work, and effort along the way but sometimes the best thing to do is to let go and accept the perfection of the now.

Friday, March 10, 2017

How many times in life do we get the opportunity to be part of a brand new company?  
Once in a lifetime if any at all?   Try two times in your life!!!  

Wow!  I am extremely excited to be able to be one of those willing hearts that gets the opportunity to be part of history for a second time.

When I started with Origami Owl they were just a year old and I have felt privileged to be one of their founding designers from the start. As a matter of fact this past February I celebrated my 4th year anniversary and I could not be happier and full of hope for the future.

This last January I had the privilege to attend L.E.A.D. a leadership summit in Coronado California and it was incredible!  We got to experience first hand the knowledge and expertise from our founders and the top leaders in the company.  We got to experience first hand the Spring product reveal, changes to our enhanced career plan and just a lot of inspiration, camaraderie among our fellow designers.

One of the highlights of this leadership summit was the announcement of the launch of Willing Beauty an Origami Owl family of brands!   Willing Beauty was born out of the synergy of four willing hearts - Our Origami Owl founders and original mother/daughter team Chrissy and Bella and the founders of Willa skincare- Christy and Willa.  How awesome is that?  These power women have come together to create a revolutionary brand of skin care that is going to be a major game changer!

The company is set to launch in April 2017 and there is a waiting list to become a beauty advisor as of now - I jumped right at the opportunity even though I'll be learning more as I go as I did when I joined Origami Owl. There is something about the new and the innovative that excites me and I am so thankful and blessed lighting struck twice in my lifetime!  I will be posting more information as I go but I can sense that the future is so bright!

If you are interested in learning more about Willing Beauty and would like to get on the waiting list click here:

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Finding-answer-prayers - Live Sparkly

How do you live sparkly?

It's all in the details is a way of life for me... 
If you know my story you know that I truly believe that it's the small details in life that add up to a whole lot of wonderful.

I try to never compromise adding a little extra into everything I do.  My life has evolved tremendously over the years but at the core I have always paid attention to details. The more I experience life and I grow I realize that at the end of the day those little details become the big things and the memorable things you keep close to your heart.

Living sparkly to me is just that - taking the time and caring about the way we live every day. Showing your light everyday from the smallest interactions to the big things you are trying to accomplish.  The mere fact that the smallest gesture like a genuine smile can turn someone's day around for the better inspires and motivates me to do it every chance I get. You just never know who needs that smile at that precise moment.  I think living sparkly is also a way of life.  We have the choice to choose how we will face the day and if we are willing to make a positive difference in this world and in the lives of others.  I welcome you to read my live sparkly story by clicking on the link above.

I am so happy I have found a way to empower, motivate, inspire and make a difference in the lives of others through Origami Owl and that my prayers have been answered in the most unexpected ways.

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”
~ Swami Sivananda

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This is what I am talking about!
So inspiring to know that I don't have to feel overwhelmed about doing great things today (which I do want to accomplish by the way!) but simply start by focusing on the small things and doing them in a great way.

That is what It's all in the details is all about.  Taking care to focus on everyday little things that make life beautiful.  I think that starting your day with a grateful heart gives you the lenses to notice and pay attention to the details that surround you.