It's all in the details...

a lifestyle blog celebrating all those little details that make life special


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This is what I am talking about!
So inspiring to know that I don't have to feel overwhelmed about doing great things today (which I do want to accomplish by the way!) but simply start by focusing on the small things and doing them in a great way.

That is what It's all in the details is all about.  Taking care to focus on everyday little things that make life beautiful.  I think that starting your day with a grateful heart gives you the lenses to notice and pay attention to the details that surround you.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I am learning so much from this Direct Selling Growth Summit!  click here: Direct Selling Summit

So many valuable insights from industry experts.  I never realized that being associated with sales marketing or network marketing would allow me to learn, grow and enrich my life in such a positive way.

As I started this blog I never knew what it would take to get it going. My initial intent was pure genuine desire to express myself and share my take on life. I never blogged before, but now I realize that you don't have to be an expert but just do it!  As you move... you learn.. then you grow.

I get fascinated at how every little thing I have felt inspired to do in the last few years has built on itself to bring me to the perfectness of my now.  That is what people mean by enjoying the journey!

Monday, April 4, 2016

It all comes full circle...

How do you live sparkly? What does this mean to you? To me - my life motto of " it's all in the details..." expresses it all. Approach your life and everything you do paying attention to all the details that make this life beautiful - special, worth living... pay attention to all the beautiful details that you can incorporate into your life to make someones day - to beautify your surroundings, to be the best person you can be in whatever you do!

I created this blog with a deep desire to express the way I approach life, to highlight the positive, to shine the light on the blessings and all the things I appreciate about the aspects of my life.  It was a way for me to try and capture what I really mean by "it's all in the details" I had never blogged before and I sure had no idea where it would all take me.  I've struggled through the years to keep it going but my heart keeps bringing me here.

My soul was searching so much and I prayed, walked through the valley... in so many ways. But the journey took me to incredible and unexpected places, showing me through new encounters and everyday interactions the path was unfolding right before my eyes. It still is and I am so excited for the future.
Live Sparkly