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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Where do I begin?! 
Origami Owl has given me such a wonderful creative outlet, one my soul was searching for after I had to put interior design on a shelf.

It has provided me with the opportunity to grow a team and fulfill one of my dreams of mentoring other women, inspire motivate and empower others to succeed. It has afforded me the ability to give back to various charities, like Dress for Success, Cinderella's Closet, Send Me Foundation, Athletes for Education, the Lupus foundation to name a few. Most importantly it has given me the opportunity to work alongside my daughter and teach her valuable lessons about work ethic, philanthropy and self-confidence. And the list goes on!

Find out more here:

Here she is last Friday at a regional meeting teaching other girls how to fold an origami heart- she asked them to write a goal or a dream inside the paper fold it into a heart and keep it very close - she gave them ideas on how to string the hearts together into a garland and/or put them in a frame to always remind them of their dream/goal. Something Bella our founder did for us back when Origami Owl was born. This may have been a simple task but it really empowered her to lead a group and hopefully inspire others to do the same. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Ok - my motto is "it's all in the details" so it should be no surprise that I am totally obsessed with planner decorating now!  How much more detailed can it get?

I have always loved planners, writing down goals, checking off checklists etc.  I had heard and even used color coding for my entries in the past which was pretty enough but OMG when I realized that there is a whole planner community out there and so many inspirational ways to decorate your planner?  I became totally NUTZ as my daughter puts it. 

I adore all the stickers, washi tape, accessories, pens, and just plain creativity involved in the whole process. I have a pinterest board where I follow some of my favorite planners and post some of my newest hauls and latest finds.

This is my latest addition and I am loving the layout and pre-decorated aspects of it!  I love that the rings have a heart in the middle and that you can snap on additional items with such ease.  Yeah that will make it FIVE planners people!   NUTZ I tell ya!  but I LOVE IT!!!

This is my Erin Condren Origami Owl Planner I bought at last year's convention with one of the Chanel inspired paper clips I made myself shown below.. I was inspired by another planner on pinterest and found the images there as well and just went to town!  So pretty!

Of course the first thing I do now is to go straight to the dollar section at Target when I shop there and EVERY time I say I am just looking, I end up with something totally fabulous! I just can't help myself!

I will add all my favorite websites, youtube planners that inspire me and Etsy shops on the right so you can go find your latest obsession as well.

It's SO GOOD!  

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So Excited!  Can't believe its here already... this is by far the best part of the year.  Experiencing an Origami Owl Convention is like no other. So full of positive energy and love and many giveaways and product reveals!!!.   Paola and I get to go and recharge our batteries- get inspired and motivated and celebrate our journey with this wonderful company.  All my energy is being spent on preparing for this trip recently - May was kind of a whirlwind month... so many great things happening.  I think that when I come back - I will recap on what's been happening since the last convention.  We want to launch an owlette blog - I hope Paola finds inspiration to really do it- it's been a concept since August of 2014... I think it's overdue but she was in Jr High and the age thing.. really does play a factor :)  She's awesome tho... I think it will really be a great creative outlet for her.

This was us last year in Phoenix:

Friday, April 17, 2015

What's Your Story? | Monica Gastelum | Latina Entrepreneur
Click above!
OK this is way old... mind you - I'm catching up here... LOL
June of 2014 - Paola and I were featured in Latina Entrepreneur - Hispanic Chamber of E-commerce this was a great opportunity to share our journey with Origami Owl and love, motivate and hopefully inspire others.

It has not been easy - I've had my days of discouragement but my perseverance and faith keeps me going!

One of the things I love about social media is that you can revisit your past. I have reviewed my facebook posts from when I left off last October... WOW what a journey it has been!

I will see if I can do a slideshow and highlight some of the major events that have made this journey so encouraging... slow progress is better than no progress.  We don't give ourselves credit sometimes for the things we accomplish... All the little beautiful details that make this life so wonderful make the journey less arduous.  Stay tuned.... 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It has been so long I know... but one thing is certain, that there is a purpose for this blog - I have gone through so many changes and growth since I last posted.  I am very excited to document my journey here. I think I  have to get re-acquainted with what I had posted before and track my progress.  I have to say I have made tremendous amount of progress and I hope that whatever I have done can inspire you to persevere and never give up.