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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kicking off the Holiday Season....

It always feels to me that prepping for Halloween kicks off my favorite time of the year...the Holiday Season.  I begin to take out the fall foliage, the pumpkins the dried corn ears. As I  start contemplating crafting projects - making goodie bags is a good way to start getting the creative juices flowing.  I had bought these cute stamps from Stamp N Up a while back when my husband's cousin had a little workshop and showed us a very cute project with this stamp set. I've been wanting to use them for a while now, but I finally did and was pleased with the end result. This is what I mean by simple graphics-you can dress them up, color them up or mix them up and they really make a nice impact.  This year for sure I look forward to making some gifts from the kitchen...stay tuned as the cold days start rolling in and I take in the entire experience of prepping and sharing with family and friends this Holiday Season.


  1. very cute!


  2. These are so cute, and so simple! Great job!
    Are you going to give these out on Halloween or for your daughter's classmates?


  3. They were actually for my co-workers - candy is banned from school can you believe it? In a way is good, on the other hand it takes the fun of being a kid and looking forward to halloween at school and sharing with your friends.