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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Origami Owl saved my creative soul...

So- I've been in a creative slump... and just coasting along.  I was feeling a little guilty for not following up and keeping up with this blog.  So one day my daughter brings a catalog home - and at first I though it was another school fund raiser... When I looked more carefully I realized it was a catalog for lockets - but not just any lockets.  These are unique lockets that allow you to personalize them with unique charms that you can add inside... I was intrigued... I mentioned it to my co-workers casually and they said it sounded interesting that I should host a party. So I called the rep on the back of the brochure - who happens to be my daughters bff''s mom...I asked her if I could see them in person.  And I went to her house to check them out!  The rest is history... as they say. I loved them ever more in person.  I booked the party and decided to sign up as an independent designer.. everything about this young company appeals to me.  It really embodies my life motto "its all in the details" I love the concept and the idea you can really help someone make something very meaningful and personalized. So I've had to plan a party, create a Facebook page-Itsallinthedetailsorigamiowl, set up my own webpage- and play around with other types of media like Pinterest and play around with images in picmonkey, so yeah definitely this adventure is helping me get the creative juices flowing... I just started, so I'll see where it takes me, but for now I feel very inspired.  I love the way they set up "Jewelry Bars" and display the lockets and charms.  I am excited to see where this goes.

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