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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So Excited!  Can't believe its here already... this is by far the best part of the year.  Experiencing an Origami Owl Convention is like no other. So full of positive energy and love and many giveaways and product reveals!!!.   Paola and I get to go and recharge our batteries- get inspired and motivated and celebrate our journey with this wonderful company.  All my energy is being spent on preparing for this trip recently - May was kind of a whirlwind month... so many great things happening.  I think that when I come back - I will recap on what's been happening since the last convention.  We want to launch an owlette blog - I hope Paola finds inspiration to really do it- it's been a concept since August of 2014... I think it's overdue but she was in Jr High and the age thing.. really does play a factor :)  She's awesome tho... I think it will really be a great creative outlet for her.

This was us last year in Phoenix:

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