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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Where do I begin?! 
Origami Owl has given me such a wonderful creative outlet, one my soul was searching for after I had to put interior design on a shelf.

It has provided me with the opportunity to grow a team and fulfill one of my dreams of mentoring other women, inspire motivate and empower others to succeed. It has afforded me the ability to give back to various charities, like Dress for Success, Cinderella's Closet, Send Me Foundation, Athletes for Education, the Lupus foundation to name a few. Most importantly it has given me the opportunity to work alongside my daughter and teach her valuable lessons about work ethic, philanthropy and self-confidence. And the list goes on!

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Here she is last Friday at a regional meeting teaching other girls how to fold an origami heart- she asked them to write a goal or a dream inside the paper fold it into a heart and keep it very close - she gave them ideas on how to string the hearts together into a garland and/or put them in a frame to always remind them of their dream/goal. Something Bella our founder did for us back when Origami Owl was born. This may have been a simple task but it really empowered her to lead a group and hopefully inspire others to do the same. 

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